FeFET based Logic-in-Memory: an overview

Emerging non-volatile memories are getting new interest in the system design community. They are used to design logic-in-memory  circuits and propose alternatives to von-Neuman architectures. Hafnium oxide-based based ferroelectric memory technology, which is fully compatible with CMOS technologies is particularly interesting for logic-in-memory designs. Indeed, this compatibility leads to various possibilities for fine-grain logic in memory applications where the memory capable element is tightly integrated with the transistors in the system. Nonvolatile and energy efficient computing for Internet of things and embedded artificial intelligence are among the potential applications for this technology.
We focus on ferroelectric field-effect transistors (FeFET) and present an overview of three different fine-grain logic-in-memory possibilities with FeFETs: custom operation designs, reconfigurable circuits and a hybrid memory element accessible by content or by address. All presented circuits have been designed within a test chip using 28nm technology provided by GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

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